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At Soundcaster Studios we have the right equipment and space for you to get the best recording possible for your composition. We can take you from the writing stage through to the performance, production, mixing or if you have a clear idea of what you want we can set up some great microphones and capture what you do.


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Capture the vibe

We take a lot of care in finding the right microphones and recording equipment so that you can do a modern layered recording or go old school and record the performance in the room. Our recording space allows the band to play together and capture that vibe that only you have.

Soundcaster Quality

Every piece of audio equipment is chosen for its characteristics and sound quality. We believe that even if many records are made today in a different way to the previous decades, there is still something to be said for analogue equipment. We are continuously collecting equipment that embodies the vibe and atmosphere of how music can be made. This means that we capture great signals at recording time and then during mix down we use a hybrid system that allows the best of class "in the box" plugins to be combined with analog summing with Class A analog outboard processing.